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Sudarshan Chakra Shrinathji Temple Gateway to the Lord Nathdwara Pilgrimage Attractions in Nathdwara

Gateway to the Lord Nathdwara

Majestically placed on the serene banks of Banas River, Nathdwara in Rajasthan is a coveted centre of Krishna worship. The place is as romantic as the term sounds. Literally the term Nathdwara stands for the doorway to the lord. In 1691, Emperor Aurangzeb decided to destroy all the Hindu temples within his territory. This prompted the Maharana of Udaipur to move a particularly sacred statue of Krishna to Mathura under the name of Shri Nath Ji, in order to remove it from Aurangzeb's destructive wrath.

Pilgrimage Attractions in Nathdwara

Nathdwara is also famous for the Pichhwai paintings the most famous Rajasthani art, this art portrays the Lord Shrinathji and his activities. The Haveli (a large house) of Shrinathji was once a royal palace of the Rajput rulers. Devotees throng the Temple at all hours to have the Lord’s darshans. The Lord gives darshans at different times of the aptly attired for the hour. An early hour for the first darshan is a regular observation where Lord Shrinathji resides in regal splendor. Darshans or glimpses of Shrinathji can be sought 8 times in the day collectively known as Ashtaya. An aesthetic temple whose architectural grandeur surpasses any of the modern facades is the characteristic feature of Nathdwara.

Pilgrimage Attractions in Nathdwara Are:

Shrinathji Temple: The temple of Lord Krishna belonging to Vaishnav religion is an important pilgrim centre. The design of the temple resembles that of the house of Nanda Maharaja and thus the shrine is popularly called as Nanda Bhavan or Nandalaya. Enshrined is a unique image of Krishna which has been sculpted from a single piece of black marble. The image symbolizes a form of Lord Krishna, when he lifted the Govardhana hill. In the image, the lord is revealed with his left hand raised and the right is bunged in a fist.  Images of two cows, a snake, a lion, two peacocks and a parrot by the god's head are imprinted on the idol. In the temple, worship is replaced by servitude. Places worth seeing in the temple include the Moti Mahal, Sudarshan Chakra raj, Dhwajaji, Kamal Chowk, Mani Kotha and the temples of Shri Navnit Priyaji. The Shri Krishna storehouse has silver and golden mills. The interior is closed to non Hindus. During the times of Holi, Diwali and Janmashtmi, people throng in large numbers and the place gets overcrowded.

Pilgrimage Attractions in Nathdwara

How to Reach

By Air: Nearest airport is Udaipur which is 48 km away.

By Rail: Udaipur is the nearest railhead well connected to all the major towns and cities.

By Road: Nathdwara can be accessed by state owned buses and private cabs. The roads are well interlinked.

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