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JallianwalaBagh Punjab JallianwalaBagh Punjab JallianwalaBagh Punjab JallianwalaBagh Punjab


Punjab has a number of politically significant tourist sites which hold grave history behind, making them all the more a fascinating sight to visit as a tourist. Topping these charts, Jallianwala Bagh is a tourist site reminiscent of a severe unfortunate event in the history of Indian freedom struggle against British.

Back in 1919, on April 13th, this garden marked the merciless killing of hundreds of silently protesting Sikhs (including women, children and old) by General Dyer. The crowd had assembled to silently protest against the newly launched law, the Rowlatt Act which gave the British soldiers right to arrest any Indian without a trial.

The gate has only one gate which act as the entry as well as exit point, which was blocked by Dyer's 150 armed soldiers so there was no escape. The ruthless firing continued for about 15 minutes which resulted in around 400 people dead and about 1500 injured. A lot of people jumped into the well in a bid to save their lives.

Golden Temple Punjab

Today, the garden holds a memorial in the form of a 45-foot red sandstone pillar set in a pool constructed back in 1961. A lamp called the Eternal Flame of Liberty is also placed right at the entrance to pay homage to those who were martyred in the event.
The garden is popular among locals as a picnic spot and tourists coming from other countries alike. However, it still bores imprints from the past in the form of bullet marks still easily seen on the wall.
It also has a gallery next to it which holds documentaries, pictures and other interesting historical artifacts.

Best time to visit

The weather here is usually in extreme, meaning too hot or too cold during summers and weathers respectively.

Hence, the best time period to visit Amritsar is during October-November and February-March.

Smart tip

While the entry is free, the park has strict timings for summers and winters. Also, the gallery shuts down an hour before. So in case you plan to catch a documentary at the gallery as well, plan your visit accordingly.

Summers: 6 am-7 pm
Winters: 7 am-6 pm

Best accommodation places/nearest city

Golden Temple Punjab

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How to reach

Amritsar is a well-connected city with airport (Rajasansi Airport), railway network and roads to rest of the country. However, due to extreme weather situation during winters in Northern India, there are often delays in flight. Hence, it is always a good idea to pick railways over flight if travelling from a shorter distance.

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