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Besides its spectacular temples and rich cultural heritage, Odisha boasts of another tourist attraction which is still not explored as much in comparison. The shiny sandy beaches of Odisha are a treat to visit and are perfect for those looking for tranquil solitude away from the maddening crowd. One thing that really works in their favour is the consistent pleasant weather which makes it a perfect option for health resorts. Once you're in Odisha, you'd find a number of health resorts at beaches that are particularly famous with the tourists.

Chandipur Beach

The frequent festivals held at many of these beaches which show a glimpse of Oddissi dance and classical music only adds to the charm of these beaches.

Some of the most popular beaches in Odisha are:

Chandipur Beach: Easily accessible from Bhubaneshwar and a relatively tranquil ambience, this beach is a favourite of a lot of tourists who look for solitude and peace due to its lesser known status. The beach is perfect for beach-combing and paints quite a beautiful picture with its random small puddles of fish/shells/sand. The most fascinating part is during the tide hitting time since tides hit miles far at this beach.

Gopalpur Beach: A perfect place to unwind, this beach one of the glossiest sand beaches with crystal clear waters. The beach is also home to remnants of an old lighthouse and sea port, thus adding to its charm. For culture enthusiasts, this beach makes for a fascinating sight with fishermen around the beach going on about their daily business.

Aryapalli Beach: This one is easily one of the most popular beaches in Odisha. Known for its spectacular sceneries, pristine waves and sparkly sand, Aryapalli is a paradise for swimming lovers too as it happens to be one of the safe-for-swimming beaches. The surroundings are serene and captivating. The sunsets are definitely the highlight of this beach.

Chandipur Beach

Puri Beach: Apart from being the home to popular Lord Jagannath, Puri also happens to have one of the best beaches in Odisha. It is said that a dip here would relieve you of all your previous sins; thus attracting thousands of locals and foreign tourists every year. One can also witness exquisite sand art by many sand artists at this beach perfecting their art. The internationally renowned sand artist Sudarshan also belongs to Odisha and often exhibits here. Balighai Beach: A small-cozy corner in its ambience, this beach has been acting as a popular and loved picnic spot in Odisha for quite some time now. At a convenient distance from Puri of 8 km, it is one of the prettiest beaches here with its fusion of river coastline and sea waves. Wildlife is another attraction at this beach. Expect to sight Baliharina, a species of deer in the woods around. For marine life lovers, head straight toSea Turtle Research Centre here.

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