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Adventure in Lakshadweep Adventure in Lakshadweep Adventure in Lakshadweep Adventure in Lakshadweep


Lakshadweep is the perfect places to be in if you are a diehard adventure sport lover!!
The coconut palms swaying in the breeze, crystal clear turquoise waters, the long beaches with sand are the hallmark of these islands. This is the place where one can enjoy the adventurous water sports to its maximum.

Many outdoor activities abound in the Lakshadweep islands like snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, deep sea fishing, wind surfing, water skiing and many more fun filled activities.

Snorkeling- Is a popular water sport activity. The shallow waters of Bangaram Island are very popular for snorkeling. Both Bangaram and Kadmat Island have diving centres.

Scuba Diving: With clear blue waters and coral reefs, Scuba Diving is an extraordinary experience here. The Bangaram Island is a renowned spot. The coral reef and the marine life in these waters are a sight to see. There are beginner's courses as well advanced courses as per a person's suitability. The best time to go scuba diving is in the months of November and March when the waters are clear.

Surfing: With surf boards and huge sea rollers, surfing in Lakshadweep is an exciting experience.
There are a number of water institutes and many beach resorts have ample provisions for you to enjoy the activities. There are a number of trained professionals and instructors to help you.
However, some important points have to be kept in mind before you go for these activities. One has to be aware near the waters and you must heed to the safety points. One must also carry an extra pair of clothes and other necessary equipments.

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