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Body and Soul Fitness with Spa

With today’s emphasis on health and total well being, the spa experience in India is earning growing attention among people from various spheres. Simply put, a spa is a facility which operates under the philosophy that total well being can be attained by focusing on wellness, fitness and relaxation. In India, spas can be found all over the country. This gentle science uses natural remedies that have evolved over a period of time as a system of complete healthcare.

The spa resorts away from the stress of the city are a perfect place to optimize your well being. Spa in India allows you to enhance your spiritual awareness, heal emotional distress, rids the body of toxins, improves circulation and gives the mind and body a chance to fully repair and relax from the stresses of daily life. There are a various kinds of spas to suit one’s needs

Spa in India

Traditional Spa: A traditional spa brings together an extensive range of spa treatments and therapies with the purpose of improving health, beauty and relaxation, resulting in an unforgettable spa experience. It is likely to contain facilities such as a Jacuzzi, sauna and steam room that you may use in addition to your treatments. It could also include hydrotherapy circuits, a fitness centre and swimming pool.

Destination Spa: A destination spa will provide you with a comprehensive healthy holiday program that includes spa treatments, physical fitness activities, holistic exercise classes, wellness lectures and healthy cuisine. It is typical for guests to actively partake in the program at the spa and fully integrate it into their wellbeing holiday, rather than visiting for a one-off treatment whilst at the destination.

Relaxation and Pampering Spa: A relaxation and pampering spa is characterized by being owned and located within a resort, providing professional relaxation and beauty treatments. It typically remains within its own spa centre, offering first class treatments such as personalized massages, body scrubs, hydrotherapy treatments and thermal circuits.

Body and Soul Fitness with Spa

Ayurvedic Spa: “The knowledge for long life”, traditional Ayurveda medicine is an ancient Hindu healing system. This concept improves one’s health and well-being by creating a balance between mind, body and spirit through an assessment of lifestyle. Treatments are based on herbal preparations, diet, purification and yoga. It is widely regarded as the oldest form of healthcare in the world and is viewed as a more popular choice for a healing holiday.

Medical Spa: Medical spas, also known as medi-spas, offer medical services as well as traditional spa therapies, often in a spa like environment. The treatments generally focus on one of two areas - aesthetic enhancement or wellness. A medical doctor overseas the spa and typically provides a health consultation before your stay, whilst other medical professionals, such as physiotherapists, osteopaths, and aestheticians, handle the daily spa treatments and therapies.
The idea of a luxury spa holiday is always an attractive choice!!

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