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largest and oldest tribe selling articles made of cane Bison Horn Maria Tribe Tribes Chattisgarh

With almost one-third of its population belonging to the tribes, Chattisgarh can be easily touted as a hot destination for Tribal Tourism. Each of the tribes here follows a unique lifestyle, tradition and rituals distinct from every other tribe. While most of them settle in dense forest areas, a lot of tribes are located in various regions of Bastar district, thus accounting for over 70 percent of the district population.

Out of the numerous tribes, the major tribal groups are as follows:

Dhurvaa Tribe

Gond Tribe:
The tribe derives its name from the Telugu word ‘Kond’ which means ‘hill’. Living mainly in dense forests of Bastar district, Gonds are primarily hunters and agriculturists. They are one of the largest and oldest tribe in the state and popular for their ‘Ghotul System’ of marriage.

Bison Horn Maria Tribe:
Mainly getting their name from their traditional head gear they wear during their rituals and dances, this tribe is settled on the south of Indravati River in the state. The tribe worships earth as a deity and so resort to produce they can get from forests and agriculture for their survival.

Also situated in the Bastar district, this tribe is highly caste conscious and follows social code of conduct with the communities of equal status. The women love to adorn themselves with beads and handmade jewelry. The tribe mainly relies upon agriculture and selling articles made of cane.

Bison Horn Maria Tribe

Found in Dantewada, this tribe likesto wear clothes at its minimal. Beaded jewelry and braided locks which are called Khosa. Mostly non-vegetarian, their diet mainly comprises of rice, palm-tree licquor, Kosra and Madiya. They celebrate festivals round the year and instill high faith in spirits, often reflected in their traditions.

Abhuj Maria:
This happens to be one of the oldest tribes in Chattisgarh which still abides by its rules and traditions and is cut-off from the modernistic adaptations other tribes have witnessed over the years. Settled in Abhujmar forests, the tribe keeps no contact with the other social communities and are known for their aggressive nature. They don’t like to cover themselves in anything more than the lion cloth and mainly resort to hunting for their survival.

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