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Mishmis Nokte (Nocte) Tribe Wancho Tribe Tribes Arunachal Pradesh

Thriving with a culture and heritage nowhere else to be found, Arunachal Pradesh is a favourite with tourists who love to explore new places with the locals. When it comes to tribal population, the state has around 26 major tribes further split into many sub-tribes spread randomly across 17 towns and 3700 villages.

The tribes of Arunachal are casteless and still stringent than the rest about preserving their rich cultural heritage. A lot of people who love to socialize and spread love around, the tribes have a lot of festivals commemorating their spirit of celebration all year round.
Most of these tribesmen are skilled artists in various arts and live together as one unit.

Polygamyis actually still legitimate in most of the tribes and they operate via thehierarchy of chiefs and senior members designated from the tribe.

Out of the huge lot, some of the chief tribes in Arunachal Pradesh include:

Wancho Tribe

Wancho Tribe:
Mostly settled around the district called Tirap bordering Nagaland, Wancho tribesmen are a bunch of cheerful people who love to dress themselves with intricate artwork on jewelries they adorn, which is also a symbol of their status in the society. Another trademark Wancho tribe is popular for is its wood and bamboo carved figures, since they are skilled at weaving and carving. Tattooing is another norm here and for smooth functioning, the Wancho society runs high on class division.

Nokte (Nocte) Tribe:
Spread in the same district with the Wanchos, the Noctes are a stringent follower of Vaishnavism and Bareghar Satra of Nazira, Assam. The tribe shares its traditional attire with the Wanchos to quite an extent. The tribe is known as farmers and grows a number of things including salt and betel leaves on large scale for commercial purposes.

Nyishi Tribe:
Mostly found in the southern region of Subansiri district, the Nyishis ardently believe that the spirits once dead, goes all the way to the ‘villages of the ancestors’ and follow a primitive form of spirit culture. Their peculiar trademarks include cane bands around the wrist and long hair in men usually tied high in a knot.


Settled in the upper Dibang valley, Lohit and Dibang valley districts of Arunachal, Mishmis are expert weavers and mainly rely upon their agricultural skills to feed themselves. Broadly divided in four sub-groups, the Mishmis are usually traders in items like musk, animal skin and wild medicinal plants.

One of the most simple and gentle tribes in Arunachal, this tribe displays a rich cultural heritage with their traditional attire as well as artistically designed patterns. The tribe mainly follows Buddhism and Mahayana Buddhism. The houses in this tribe generally have a small chapel attached to it.

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