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Nightlife in any new place is always a good way to get familiar with their party culture and presents you a wide array of options to entertain yourself. Having the diversity India has in terms of culture and geography,the nightlife culture in India is an interesting scene here. While some cities are known for their scenic charm and vibrant festivals, others revel in their enthusiastic nightlife which comprises of themed parties, pubs and restaurants and several live music performances.

Nightlife in Chandigarh

The metro cities of India promise you a blend of happening party scene with a variety to suit everyone's taste. Some places in India are particularly popular for their hedonistic lifestyle and psychedelic trance parties. While they are officially restricted and regulated at many places, these parties are very popular with the young crowd.

Here is a list of few metropolitan cities that top the list with their nightlife culture:

Enjoying the status of Capital city for two states in India, Chandigarh easily features on any list of favourites for party goers and those looking for a thrilling nighlife. The Punjabi culture dominates the entertainment scene here and the city's infrastructure is a delight to the eyes!

Some of the popular high-end nightlife options include Oriental Lounge, Lava Bar, Zinc Lounge, Antidote, Arizona and Vintage Terrace Lounge Bar.

Nightlife in New Delhi

New Delhi
Rightfully the Capital of India, the city offers almost everything a traveller would look out for. From colourful street markets to posh malls with all high-end brands, cultural potpourri of cuisines to exciting nightlife, Delhi boastingly takes the cake in all.

The place has a wide variety of nightlife options to pick from including live music performances, pubs and bars, DJ nights to special themed parties. For every class, for every taste Delhi has certain places which thrive with unlimited options. A number of five-star hotels even offer resto-bars without any restriction on the time. Few of the fanciest of names include TGIF, Urban Pind, Capitol, Hauz Khas Village, La Boheme, Tabula Rasa, Café Morrison and Agni to name a few.

Nightlife in Mumbai

The constantly buzzing city comes to a new life at night with its charm, glamour and fun-filled nightlife. Being the centre of Indian film industry, Bollywood, Mumbai easily captures many tourists' fancy. The city often plays host to a number of national and international celebrities for their gigs and events which attracts huge crowd while numerous themed parties make sure the city never really sleeps. Often movie shoots at different locations also make for a great experience exploring Indian film culture.

Some of the most popular names in the city's nightlife circuit are Insomnia, Enigma, Aaziano bar, Totos and Fire and Ice to just name a few.

Nightlife in Pune

Sitting quite close to Mumbai, Pune doesn't lag behind either when it comes to rocking with a fun nightlife. A small city with warm people, the culturehere is easygoing and yet buzzed with various eating and drinking options. The best part about the nightlife culture here is nothing over the top and you always find something for every one. Lounges, pubs, concerts, you name it and the city has it.

Some of the very popular names are Hard Rock Cafe, Cyclone, Shisha Cafe, Atrium-The Hi-Spirited Bar and Area 51.

And no party list could be rounded off without talking about the ultimate party destination for tourists around the world- Goa! The clubbing and party culture at Goa is pretty different from the other places and much more relaxed. People know what they come for when they're in Goaand get to enjoy it without any restrictions. Concerts, all night beach parties, clubbing and easy access to alcohol with live music are just few of the highlights Goa offers as a nightlife destination. Casinos and trance parties are other highlights at nightlife scene in Goa.

Nightlife in Goa

The list of popular places at Goa includes Mambos, Shiros, Titos and Butter Lounge to name a few.

The pink city doesn't just have its vibrant festivals and forts to boast about. The city has a lively atmosphere at night with night culture slowly getting popular among the youth. You can easily have your pick from the midnight markets which are a wonderful way to get a peek into the Rajasthani culture or simply visit the dance and music events the city is slowly rising up to. The best part is that you can easily combine sightseeing forts and monuments at day and a peppy nightlife at the nighttime. Perfect combination, we say! Some of the popular clubs include Angara, Devil's Club, Discotheque and Amigos Bar to name a few.

Nightlife in Bangalore

As the reigning concert capital of India, Bangalore is pretty popular in the nightlife circuit for its impressive list of international music celebrities performing there and its status of being a pub-capital. Rock music is thoroughly enjoyed and patronized here and you get a number of nightspots celebrating the same. The youth here enjoys relaxed, fun-filled nightlife and this is what you get once you're here.

The popular places include Purple Haze, Athena, Pecos, Geoffrey's, Insomnia, iBar at Park Hotel, The Club Inferno, Zero G, Club X and Styx to name a few.

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