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Chamba Chamba Chamba Chamba

A medieval town wrapped in its historical charm and the scenic beauty of the Himalayas, Chamba makes for quite a view for tourists from all over the world. Named after a local princess, the town is surrounded by Jammu & Kashmir in north-west and by Ladakh on the north-east front. The town is famous for its ancient sandstone temples, scenic views and colourful festivals.

The town sits beautifully on a 900m high plateau on the banks of River Ravi and was set up by Raja Sahil Varman, Pahari Dynasty back in 10th century. Since then, the town has been ruled and established under a lot of dynasties, starting from Kolian tribes to Khasas to Guptas and eventually Rajputs.


The town has a lot of folk fables attached to it and inspires two annual festivals in the town, Suhi Mata Mela (fair) and Minjar Mela (fair). Minjar is a very popular fair with a number of folklore behind it. According to one of the popular stories, the festival derives its name from maize flower (minjar), stating that once an old lady wanted to visit the then king and present him with a gift too.

Since the lady was poor, she took a maize flower from her farm and presented to the king. The king was so overwhelmed by the sincerity of the gesture that he announced to celebrate the day every year, eventually known as Minjar Mela.

Chamba has a number of tourist attraction sites too, including Rang Mahal, Champawati Temple, Chamunda Devi Temple, Church of Scotland, Bhuri Singh Museum and Lakshmi Narayan Temple Complex among others. Another favourite among tourists is bird watching, which is especially a beautiful scene during spring.

The people here are simple, warm and friendly to everyone.

What to shop

  • Miniature paintings
  • Hand-woven shawls
  • Artifacts (wooden and stone)
  • Metal articles

Best time to visit

April-October (for pleasant weather)

However, for adventure enthusiasts who like to explore the idea of winter trekking, best period is from November until March.


Best accommodation places

Chamba is best explored by camping. So if you are there in the right weather and are an adventure enthusiast, go ahead and book yourself a camping experience to enjoy the nature at its best. However, in case camping is not your thing and you want a proper accommodation, here are few options:

  • The Iravati (Run by Himachal Tourism Board)
  • Hotel City Heart
  • Classic Hill Top Resort
  • MHE Himalayan Camp
  • Aroma Palace Chamba

How to reach

Pathankot is the nearest airport from Chamba, which is around 120 kms away. From here, you can easily get a taxi or bus to reach Chamba. Pathankot also happens to be the nearest railway station from Chamba.

Chamba is also well connected to other states via roads and can be reached easily via buses.

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