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Shri Parshuram Temple Gita Mandir Bhalka Tirth Panch Pandava Gufa Piousness of Lord Shiva Somnath

Somnath literally means Lord of Moon derived its name from the famous temple Somnath. This town, unaffected by the modern luxuries and concrete jungles, still holds its historical, mythological and religious appeal to masses of Hindu devotees. Placed at the extreme southwest Arabian Coast in Sourashtra, Somnath town encloses a serene beach, few streets and a bus stand. It is believed that Somnath is located at a place where the holy River Saraswati flows into the Sea. The temple town in Gujarat, Somnath proudly stands with the towering shikharas of grand old ancient Somnath temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Somnath temple, dedicated to one of the 12 revered Jyotirlingams, directs all the movements in city. Somnath had been destroyed quite a few times by its invaders who were attracted by its treasures and wealth. An interesting fact about the temple is that though it has been destroyed by many times yet it has always been rebuilt. It is said that the Somnath temple was built by the moon God himself in gold, then by the demon king Ravana in silver, in sandalwood by Lord Krishna and in stone by the one of the rulers of Gujarat, Bhimdeva.

Panch Pandava Gufa

Panch Pandava Gufa

Is a marvelous temple founded in 1949. The temple is dedicated to five Pandava brothers. Imposing idols of five Pandava brothers are enshrined. The idols of Lord Shiva, Lord Ram and Goddess Durga are also enshrined in the temple.

Bhalka Tirth

Is a holy pond. There is a temple and a banyan tree at this Tirth, which are dedicated to Lord Krishna. As per legends, it was at Bhalka Tirth that Lord Krishna was hit by an arrow aimed by a hunter, Jara, towards the end of Dwapara Yuga.This Tirth is placed at the confluence of three holy rivers.

Gita Mandir

Is known as Birla Mandir was built in 1970 by the Birlas. Gita Mandir is famous for its depiction of Bhagwat Geeta, which is carved on 18 marble pillars. The Mandir is decorated with paintings of Lord Krishna. As per legends, Gita Mandir is situated at the spot where Lord Krishna took rest after his walk before his journey to Neej Dham.

Shri Parshuram Temple

Shri Parshuram Temple

Is located at a holy spot on the banks of the Triveni Ghat. It is believed that Parshuram, one incarnation of Lord Vishnu, had undergone a long period penance in this place to come out from the curse of killing the Kshatriya Kings. The temple is located at a scenic location with beautiful landscapes and two ancient Kunds (bathing pools).

Triveni Ghat

Is the confluence of three holy rivers namely Kapil, Hiran and a mystical River Saraswati. It is believed that the rivers flow to the ultimate destination of Sea from here. This symbolizes the human birth, life and death.

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