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Calangute Beach Goa Calangute Beach Goa Calangute Beach Goa Calangute Beach Goa

Calangute is easily touted as the most commercialized beach in Goa with its thriving crowd and entertaining parties all night. Spend a day there, and you'd also agree with it whole-heartedly. The beach is the largest among all other popular beaches in Goa and so referred to as 'Queen of the Beaches'. The beach is especially an eye-pleasing sight during Christmas and New Year's night.

The beach makes for a pretty sight with its strings of coco huts and palm trees. It combines the charm of adventure water sports and delectable cuisine that Goa is popular for. You'd find relaxed tourists, hippies as well as locals enjoying sunbathing and exuberating excitement with a string of water sports such as parasailing, water skiing, wind surfing, dolphin and crocodile spotting and deep sea fishing among others.

Calangute Beach Goa

Rave parties are a fairly common sight here, as is the hippie crowd and foreigners. The food here is extremely popular, with delectable dishes from Goan and Portuguese cuisine offered round the clock. The beach has a number of tourist attractions nearby to explore. These include Kerkar Art Complex, an art exhibiting gallery where several local and international artists put up their work on a regular basis, especially summers.

Another favourite is Church of St. Alex with its beautiful architecture and Medicinal Springs which can be found on the nearby foothills. Not only is it known among tourist crowd as a popular picnic spot, the water in the springs is supposed to be of medicinal properties.

Best Time to Visit

From November until May

Smart Tip

The vendors, agents and hawkers around can be a bit of a hassle sometimes. Make sure you do your bookings in advance and say a polite but firm no when you don't want to buy anything as they don't easily take no for an answer.

What to Shop

When it comes to random shopping at Calangute Beach, the place offers you a lot of options when it comes to handicrafts and paintings. A lot of Kashmiri and Tibetan artists put up stalls here and sell artifacts and handmade jewelry. Other things to look out for are carpets which are very popular here.

Calangute Beach Goa

Best Accommodation Nearby

Some of the best hotel options near Calangute Beach include Pousada Tauma, Renzo's Inn, Citrus Goa and Resort Terra Paraiso among others.

How to Reach

Calangute is easy to reach with its well connected network of trains and roads. While the nearest metro station is Thivim; Margao and Vasco are other stations that are fairly close as well. You can take a taxi from here to reach the beach, which may cost around Rs. 300 easily.
One can resort to bus route to if the route is straight, for example, while Panaji to Calangute is one straight bus, from airport you will end up changing three buses before you reach Calangute.

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