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Largest Camel Fair

The World's Largest Camel Fair

Pushkar Fair-The World's Largest Camel Fair


Pushkar Fair-Pushkar

Pushkar Fair

Pushkar Fair-The World's Largest Camel Fair

Referred to as 'Pushkar Cattle Fair', Pushkar Fair is held in the holy city of Puskhar in Rajasthan. This serene town of Pushkar bustles with life during this heart warming celebration, which is held on Kartik Purnima. Pushkar cattle fair is better known for its camel trading and other important activities, competitions and more. Unlimited celebration can be witnessed in the form of folk performances, shopping, shows and contest.

only Brahma temple in India.


Thousands of devotees throng the Pushkar Lake around the full moon day of Kartik Purnima in the months of October-November. This is the time when this colourful event is held.


Pushkar boasts of its temple of Lord Brahma, which is the one of its kind. Legends say that Lord Brahma was on his way to find a suitable site to perform a 'Yagna'. While contemplating, a lotus fell from his hand and water came out from the place. Pushkar was one of the sites where Lord Brahma performed 'Yagna'.


Held in high esteem by Hindus, Pushkar is among the five sacred Dhams or pilgrimage sites.
Other fours include Puri, Badrinath, Dwarka and Rameswaram. Pushkar Lake was surrounded by 500 temples and around 52 ghats. The most important one is the Brahma temple, which is the only Brahma temple in India.

Pushkar Fair Rajasthan


Pushkar fair is known for a mass trading of cattle, which is done in a lively ambience.
People from all over the country visit the fair with their cattle like cows, sheep, horses and goats. They also take part in various interesting activities that include decorating, selling or buying cattle during the fair. Other highlights of Pushkar Fair include cultural shows, camel races, puppet shows, acrobatics and ethnic shopping from all over Rajasthan. Some interesting competitions include moustache contest, bridal competition and the best breed contest.

Witness an unparalleled blend of cultural vibrancy and religious fervour at Pushkar Fair Rajasthan!

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