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Emperor Akbar Nagaur Fair Nagaur Fair Nagaur

Somewhere between the realms of Jodhpur and Bikaner, lies the city of Nagaur, which is old enough to even find a mention in the Hindu mythological legend, Mahabharata. The city is very picturesque looking and finds its first mention in the history back in 1242 when passed on to Balban as his jagir (property). Later it was taken over by Sher Shah and eventually bloomed under the reign of Mughal Empire. The city is also home to a mosque by Emperor Akbar and is known as the land of fairs for the participation and enthusiasm of rural communities at these fairs.

The city, apart from its rich history and heritage, finds noticeable mention in the travel diaries for its exclusive Nagaur fair which takes place every year during January-February. The fest is an 8-day affair that also holds the title of being the second largest cattle fair in the state of Rajasthan.

Nagaur fair

The fair involves a whopping number of cattle participation with over 70,000 bullocks, horses, sheep and around 25,000 of camels. The fair comprises of exhibition, styling and trading of cattle along with a series of art and craft show. A number of competitions also grace the occasion attracting a lot of tourists. Popular competitions include camel race, cockfights and tug of war among others.

Soaking in the spirit of festivals, the owners bring their cattle decorated in colorful attires and take pride in dressing up themselves too. Another highlight is the Mirchi Bazaar (The chilly market) which also happens to be the largest chilly market in India.

The exhibition stalls at the festival also display a wide range of handicrafts and artwork the city excels in. These include wooden items, Iron artifacts, puppeteers, camel leather accessories, jugglers and handmade souvenirs.

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