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Holi Festival Colors Holi Holi Festival popular beverage, Bhaang The Festival of Colours

Holi- The Festival of Colours

Celebrated with great fervour, Holi is among the liveliest festivals in India. The occasion also brings out the passion and enthusiasm of people. This is the ideal time to play pranks and celebrate the festivity in the pool of colours. This widely celebrated occasion in India serves as a sketch of Indian culture. The festival eliminates differences and brings people closer.


Holi falls on a full moon day, in ‘Phalgun’ which is in March. Celebrated with great gusto in all the states of India, the festival is so different.

celebrate the victory of good over evil


Holi has many legends associated with it. A popular one is about the Demon King Hiranyakashyap. He demanded to be respected by all his subjects. Everyone started worshipping him out of fear except Prahlad, the king's son. He refused and worshipped Lord Vishnu, the Hindu deity. The evil king asked for his son to be killed and commanded his sister, Holika to carry Prahlad in her lap and rush in blazing fire as Holika had a boon, which safeguarded her from fire. Prahlad was safe but Holika was burnt to ashes. Since then, people light a bonfire on the eve of the Holi festival to celebrate the victory of good over evil.


Holi is the wonderful festival that brings various communities together at one place. It is considered as one of the most significant Hindu festivals. Many Hindu scriptures also narrate the story of how Holi came to being. Celebrated on the full-moon day of 'Phalgun', it also marks the onset of spring and denotes to the end of winter.


Holi Celebration

During this festival, people visit each other's house and play with a variety of colours. The whole country celebrates the festival in various ways by playing music and consuming a popular beverage, called 'Bhaang'. People indulge in dunking friends, eating sweets and dancing to the fast beats. Smearing each other's face with bright colours is the most important part of the festival. People also squirt coloured water on passers-by.


A popular liner is used during Holi, which is 'Bura na mano, Holi hai'. It pardons you and you can get away with almost everything on the occasion. Celebrated throughout India, the festival fills up the mind of people with joy and enthusiasm. Different regions celebrate it by following their own cultural traditions. People prepare “Gujia'” (sweet dish) and “Thandai” (a sweet drink) and taste it during the Holi celebration.

Let the colours fill up your life with gaiety and ecstasy with Holi Festival India!

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