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Goa Carnival Celebration Carnival is exclusive to Goa event of Goa Goa Carnival An Expression of Portuguese Heritage

Goa Carnival-An Expression of Portuguese Heritage

The colourful Goa carnival turns the seaside destination into a celebration venue. The carnival is all about celebrations that can be witnessed in the form of lively processions, graceful dances and unlimited festivity. Initiated by Portuguese, the festival has become the most-awaited event of Goa. King Momo presides over this unlimited three-day event. Colossal parades, singing, dancing, bands and masked performers attired in dazzling costumes are the main attractions of the festival.

graceful dances and unlimited festivity


The event continues for three days and night and transforms the city of Panaji into a bustling city.
This week-long event is celebrated in the mid February.


Introduced by the Portuguese, the carnival is exclusive to Goa. Christians celebrate the festival through traditional revelry. The event is meant to be merrymaking gala. The term “Carnival” has been derived from a Latin word, which means-“to take away meat”. People of Goa avoid meat during the 40-day period, known as “Fasting of Lent”.


The carnival brings unlimited fun and frolic. Goans try their best to make the event momentous.
They lavishly decorate Panaji so that everyone admires the surroundings. Colourful parades are held in the morning. The lip-smacking traditional cuisines and local Feni also enhance the joy of festivity. Cultural functions and competitions are judged by panel of judges. At the end of the event, King Momo gives away the prize to the winners.

red-and-black dance


Ardent groups of performers participate in programmes and unfold the world of entertainment for onlookers. Another feature of the carnival includes dances depicting the tales of King Momo. Held during the evenings, grand balls leave the visitors mesmerised. The carnival also encompasses a well-known red-and-black dance, conducted by the Club National in Panaji. Street plays, dances and songs are enjoyed by the responsive audience.

A colourful extravaganza with unlimited feast and celebration, Goa Carnival is simply awesome!

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