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Desert Festival Jaisalmer1 Jaisalmer culture and tradition Maharawal Jaisal Golden City of India

Jaisalmer, the ‘Golden City of India’, is as much known for its majestic sand dunes and forts as much for its splendor during its Annual Desert Festival. Named after its founder Maharawal Jaisal, the city was a centre of attraction during earlier prosperous trading scene, which is reflected in the magnificent havelis and forts still standing tall around the city.

The Annual Desert Festival is a humongous three-day affair in Jaisalmer which attracts hundreds of tourists during late January/early February during the festival. The festival marks everything that Jaisalmer has long symbolized in all its glory, the intricate stone work, the vibrant culture, the beautifully decorated camels and spectacular folk songs and dance.

Desert Festival Jaisalmer

The festival begins its fervour with a beautiful procession from the ever popular Sonar Fort all the way to Shaheed Poonam Singh Stadium early morning. The procession holds a lovely sight exhibiting the culture and tradition of the local community. Following this, a string of competitions is held including best dressed, Mr. Desert, Best Mustaches and the like. The day ends with a performance of folk song and dance routine.

The dependent camels of desert take over on the second day of the festival. Some of the highlights include camel fancy dress competition, gymnastics over camel’s back, camel race, turban-tying matches as well as dance performance involving formations by camels.

As the last day of the festival sees the dawn, enjoy a relaxed affair with a scintillating folk concert under the stars in Sam sand dunes. While you’re at it, you can also catch other adventurous activities such as parachuting, cricket match and camel race among others.

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