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Daman and Diu Beaches Daman and Diu Beaches Daman and Diu Beaches Daman and Diu Beaches

The Daman and Diu beaches form an integral part of the Union Territory. The beaches here are a heady mix of sands, cluster of coconut palms and ancient monuments. These beaches are a beautiful blend of natural beauty and historic tradition.

The most famous beaches of Daman and Diu are

Devka Beach
It is one of the most popular tourist sites. It has clean waters and well maintained shore. The beach also boasts of an amusement park and musical fountains along its shoreline. On festive occasions the illuminated park draws a huge attention. There are few pony rides at this amusement park that attract children. The beach also has several sea food joints and beach resorts. Though the beach is not considered safe for swimming then also one can enjoy various attractions at the beach or simply a leisure stroll.

Daman & Diu Beaches

Jampore Beach
This beach is located right at the end of Damn and Diu. It has been developed by Casurina plantation; the shades of Casurina grove are ideal for picnic. The factor that adds pep to the beach is the availability of a vast sea beach during a low tide. It is pleasant to go for a long walk. The beach is considered safe for swimming.

Nagoa Beach
It is the biggest and the most famous beaches in Diu. It is a tiny seaside fishing village that has the shape of a horse shoe. The beach is exceptionally beautiful and various water sport facilities are available here. Swimming here is a real fun.

Chakratirth Beach
The beach is known for its sunset point and an ancient Shiv temple that is a major tourist attraction here. There is an open air auditorium on the beach with its changing rooms that is a must attraction. The popularity of the place increases with the legend behind it. The footprints of Lord Krishna are carved out in stone on a hill located near the beach.

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