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T320 kilometer coastline of Karnataka is mushroomed with beautiful palm-fringed beaches. While tourist destination are many, and the hill stations give a perfect trekking option in the nature’s lap, Karnataka’s beaches are overly popular owing to their cleanliness and extensive water sports option. One main reason which attracts a lot of tourists here every year is the peaceful environment and the calming effect beaches have on you.

Some of the most popular beaches in Karnataka are

beaches in Karnataka

Karwar beach
Resting on the banks of River Kali, the Karwar beaches are a delight to watch. There are a number of tourists attractions nearby which include Durga Temple, Octagonal Church and Sadashivgadh Fort among others. There are a lot of small islands around the beach which are pretty popular with the tourists, most favourite being Devbagh. Here, you can try a number of water sports such as snorkelling and sea diving.

Marvanthe beach
Marvanthe is a beach with a scenic beauty which is particularly famous for the wide range of water sports it offers. The tourists love coming here to enjoy the view and indulge in multiple adventure sports. Another highlight is watching sunset here, which attracts a lot of crowd.

Someshwara beach
Around 9 kms away from Mangalore, the beach is a pleasant sight during its peak season- November to February, when the weather is at its best. The beach is stark clean and yet saved from the crowd. There are a number of big rocks spread over the beach, which paint an impact every time the waves hit the shore.

Another attraction is Ottinene hillock where you could climb to get a good view of the River Netravati nearby

Panambur Beach
On the north of Gurupura River, the beach has become a hot favourite of many tourists for its safe ambience and extreme cleanliness. The beach derives its name from Tulu language words meaning ‘Money’ and ‘Village’. While exploring here, one can pick from a camel ride during sunset on the shore to a number of tourist spots nearby. An annual festival also takes place here which offers a peek to a number of activities including water sports, kite flying, sand sculptures and much more.

Kaup beach
Easily one of the most crowded beaches in Karnataka, the beach receives most of its tourists during October to December. The beach is extremely popular for its remarkable ruined fort and a 100 odd feet high lighthouse nearby, which attracts considerably high number of tourists.


Malpe beach
This is another one of those beaches which are just perfect to spend some time relaxing without much noise or crowd. The popular uninhabited St. Mary Islands nearby and can be easily visited with a small boat ride. A number of black rocks are scattered all over the shore, thus making it a pleasant view. Temples of Balarama and Ananteshwara are also at a closer distance.

Murudeshwar Beach
Murudeshwar Beach has everything you’d want to be in any perfect nature scenery- sand, sea, hills, blue sky and long rows of coconut trees. The beaches are a little tricky to reach but nothing that a little planning can’t fix.

The beach has a tall statue of Lord Shiva which also happens to be the second largest Lord Shiva statue in the world. Popular tourist attraction nearby include Tipu Sultan Fort, a number of temples and the Kanduka Giri.

Beaches in Gokarna
In the holy town of Karnataka, lies a string of resplendent beaches which make for a perfect retreat from the hectic city lifestyle with its peaceful atmosphere and calming effect. The tourists can also pay a visit to the nearby religious attractions including the ever popular Mahabaleshwar Temple, Uma Maheshwari Temple and Maha Ganpathy Temple.

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