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digha beach bakkahali beach beaches in west bengal

West Bengal offers a serene coastal strip hard to find elsewhere with the sort of beauty and utter relaxation it offers. Homeland of Poetic genius Rabindranath Tagore and often referred to as the cultural capital of India, the state offers pristine beaches with their charming legends attached to it, making them a must-explore when in the state. The best part being the fact that the beaches are not over-exposed or already exploited by the commercialisation bug, thus giving a refreshing change to the tourists!

Here is a list of some of the best beaches Bengal has to offer

Bakkahali Beach
On a long stretch of 8 kms, Bakkahali beach is a delight for any tourist looking for nature, sea and long walks in solitude. The beach stretches along both the popular tourist destinations, Bakkahali Island and Frasergunj.
With most of the islands under a part of the Sunderbans, the beach is as lively as it can get. There is a small stretch lit up for the evenings at Bakkahali while interesting spots like Watch Tower and Henry’s Island are at nearby distance. The shore offers clean, white sand and thundering waves to relax your mind. The long rows of casurinas on the coastline only add to the scenery. Perfect for those long walks or cycling sessions!

Tajpur beach-adventure sports

Digha beach
Easily one of the most loved beach spots in West Bengal, Digha Beach is an instant favourite with locals as well as tourists for its lush, scenic view during sunrise and sunsets. It also happens to be one of the oldest beaches and is a popular romantic spot for tourists. One can also spot fishermen community catching up with their daily business. A lot of families like to come here over weekends to enjoy the beauty of crystal sand and shining sea with the sunsets.
The beach is also host to a four-day festival held every year in January. It involves water sports, performances, stalls and a lot more to entertain tourists.

One of the newly discovered beaches on the block, Tajpur is soon gaining its cult following due to the strange reddish tinge its sand acquires- a colour attributed to the hundreds of red crabs all over the beach that hide inside the sand, thus making it appear crimson.

A lot of fishermen’s villages are situated nearby, painting a rustic picture beautiful in its full glory. The thick rows of tamarisk trees at the shore only add to it. The beach also offers a number of adventure sports options to the tourists including parasailing, rock-climbing, rafting among others.

mandarmani sea beach

Finding its mention as early as the Hindu mythological legends, Ramayana and Mahabharata, Sagardwip is another beach particularly popular for the pristine beauty and the warp of serenity it offers when you’re there. No wonder it has also been the point of reference in many of Rabindranath Tagore’s works.

The beach is also known as Ganga Sagar and is one of those few beaches that are still untouched, unexploited by commercialisation. It is a part of the Sunderbans and is also considered auspicious for a holy dip during Makar Sankranthi, a festival under Hindu religion.

Also referred by some as Mandarmoni, the beach is a top favourite when it comes to spending a calm evening at a clear beach with superb views. There is a river delta, Mohana, at the end of the beach and fishermen settlements can be easily found nearby. Come here to spend a lazy afternoon with yourself, or to simply gaze at the colourful painting as fishermen carry on with their daily chores in the waters.

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