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Blessed with one of the longest coastlines in the country, Gujarat easily affords to boast about a wide variety of beaches it has to offer to its tourists. Although the no-alcohol state policy does play a spoilsport to some extent, but it is beautifully compensated by the pristine beauty and cleanliness of the beaches, adorned with shore temples, luxury resorts and a charming religious history.

Apart from the beaches, Gujarat is popular among tourists for its national parks, religious sites and Mahatma Gandhi’s remembrance in the form of Sabarmati ashram.

Here are a couple of beaches that fare better over the others among tourists

Beyt Dwarka

Beyt Dwarka
This is your go-to beaches if you love religion mixed with sand-surfing with the family. The beach is considered as the original abode of Lord Krishna and is presently home to a number of temples including Kachoriyu, Shri Krishna Temple and Hanuman Temple among others.
Easily accessible via a ferry from Okha, the beach offers the rare opportunity to spot dolphins and indulge in various fun activities such as camping, sea diving and is a popular local picnicking spot.

Diu Beach
A favourite summer-spot for the locals of Gujarat, Diu is a small island with its shoreline closest to Junagadh at a distance of 120 km. Diu is home to a number of small and refreshing beaches which attract a fair amount of tourists to enjoy the beaches without too much of commercialisation or crowd. There is a beautiful old temple devoted to Lord Shiva near its Gangeswar coast. Another highlight remains the water sports that are accessible here such as parasailing, rides and others.

What really adds to its popularity among Gujarat beaches is that this remains to be the only place in entire state where the state authorities have given the alcohol permit.

Gopnath Beach

Gopnath Beach
Situated in Bhavnagar, the beach is particularly popular for its crystal clear, stunning beaches whilst exploring the temples nearby. The locals too travel from different part of the state to visit this beach often.

In addition, the beach is also known for its ship breaking yard zone which supposedly, is the largest of its kind in the entire world. The shallow waters are perfect for taking a swim or simply laze around treating themselves with a sunbath.

Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach
This easily tops the list of most tourists as one of their favourite beaches. The beach has everything required for making it an instant  hit- crystal clear waves, clean & white sand while a bright opportunity to spot interesting variety of birds and a safe shore to take a swim- what more could one ask for!

Dwarka Beach
Popular for its spectacular temple ‘Dwarkadhish’ (dedicated to Lord Krishna), the beach serves as a perfect fusion of pilgrimage spot and spectacular beaches. This is a small island in itself which offers plenty to the marine life enthusiasts with tortoise, octopus, dolphins and the likes. For the water sports lover, there is the option of scuba diving as well.

Kutch Mandvi Beach
This beach hosted on the shores of Mandvi city is a great choice for a day out with family or loved ones. You can go for body massages, relaxed swimming sessions, deluxe resorts, nature walks and beach volleyball. One can also enjoy horse and camel riding here.

Other attractions tourists really look forward to include water sports including parasailing, boating, water skiing and fishing.

Islands around Jamnagar
Jamnagar has as many as 42 small islands scattered in and around the vicinity, thus making for an awesome beach experience without the evil of commercialisation. These beaches make for a pretty sight, offer almost every feature and give you that relaxed little outing you wanted for so long!

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