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Kerala, the very own ‘God’s own country’ is a treat for tourists with its spectacular beaches, nature in abundance and something for every kind of traveller. While the isolated beach offer you perfect privacy and pampering in the arms of nature, other beaches spoil you with choices if you’re an adventure junkie with all sorts of water sports.

The beaches are a favourite of tourists all year round although December to March remains the peak season to enjoy the weather and sand-filled shores of Kerala. The backwaters, on the other hand, are a unique attraction that holds nature, serenity and wonder called houseboats all together for the tourists.


Among many, here are some of the most popular beaches in Kerala:

Kovalam Beach
Presenting a view that’s nothing less than divine, Kovalam Beach is one of those fantasy beaches for any tourist with that golden yellow sand, clean blue rolling waves and lighthouse adding perfection to the scenery during those sunsets. The swaying rows of palm trees only add to it. Whenever in Kerala, this is an absolute not-to-miss!

Bekal Beach
Accompanying the northernmost district of Kerala, Bekal Beach is one of the recent discoveries in terms of popular tourist beaches in Kerala. The beach boasts of the oldest fort in Kerala and backwaters before you enjoy the sunbathing in this pristine and relatively less crowded beach.

Payyambalam Beach
Serenity comes alive at this beach with mulling waves and orange-tinted sand during breathtaking sunsets here. Adjacent to Kannur village which carries an old world charm of its own, the beach lures with its laidback charm and major attractions nearby which include a garden and a large sculpture of a child and mother.
If you have the time, taking a stroll through the village and exploring its folk music and art also makes for an interesting activity.

Varkala Beach
Apart from being a significant site for Hindu pilgrimage, the beach is lesser crowded compared to other overly popular beaches. The beauty of the beach is in the adjacent cliff running along the shoreline, giving it a rather distinct appearance. A great number of tourists swear by the beach to witness that perfect sunset at a beach. In addition, there is another attraction which is a 2000-year old Vishnu Temple.

kappad beach kerala

Kappad Beach
Going far in the history, this is the beach where Vasco De Gama reached in his ship back in 1498, thus opening the gates to India for the rest of the world. The beach interestingly can be reached only by taking the backwater tour Kohzikhode and has a rocks splattered over the beach. On one of the rather massive rock, lies the 800-year old temple right at the beach, which attracts a lot of tourists.

Backwaters in Kerala

Technically explained as a continuous chain of lagoons and lakes filled with brackish water along side Arabian Sea, the stupendous backwaters in Kerala comprise of five such lakes and run across the state from Cochin to Kollam. The annual snake boats, the wooden but picturesque houseboats, the untouched virgin beauty of the surroundings and a variety of options to suit your time and budget, backwaters has everything you would need to make a perfect vacation in nature’s lap.

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