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The beaches in Andhra Pradesh fall in the category of those beautiful underrated beaches which are still to get exploited by commercialisation. Clean, vast shoreline and a relaxed atmosphere is what each and every beach here offers to its tourists. The views are spectacular, surroundings safe and accommodation is easy and cheap.

Here's a list of most popular beaches in Andhra Pradesh:

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Suryalanka Beach

The nearest beach to Hyderabad, Suryalanka Beach is particularly famous for its calm surroundings and attracts a number of tourists on weekends to enjoy the shore. The highlight of the beach remains its beach resorts by Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (APTDC).

Rishikonda Beach

Easily touted as one of the most stunning beaches in Andhra Pradesh, Rishikonda is nearest from Vishakhapatnam and is extremely popular among adventure enthusiasts for the wide variety of water sports available here. While the sea food here is delectable to say the least, the beach is ideal for swimmers too. Being an all round beach, this spot attracts tourists throughout the year.

Yarada Beach

A clean, vast shoreline accompanied by heaps of golden yellow sand and a string of interesting tourist spots in the nearby vicinity, there’s nothing really missing to paint a perfect picture when at Yarada Beach. Around 15 kms from Vishakhapatnam, the beach is usually buzzed with tourists who simply like to relax at the beach and cherish the beauty. Nearby attractions include Venkateshwara Temple, Dolphin’s Nose Lighthouse and Ross Hill Chapel.

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Kalingapatnam Beach

Another easy favourite among tourists, this lies up in North of Andhra Pradesh and is one of the cleanest and safest beaches across the state. Acted as an important sea port for trading in old times, today Kalingapatnam is known among locals as well as international tourists for its pristine beauty and charming nearby accompaniments. The popular attractions here includeBuddhist Stupa and a lighthouse.

Mypad Beach

The beach not only boasts a vast shoreline but also gets a different look due to lush green string of coconut trees there. While the yellow sand scattered around the beach looks like molten gold poured all over, the distinctly green water of the sea only adds to the visual treat. You can always opt for relaxing facial massages offered here by the locals.

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