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Bihu Festival

The culture of Assam is a conglomeration of various traditions. The numerous tribes here give the state a cultural identity. The music, dance, festivals and the social life of the people here are closely interwoven. Assam has the largest number of tribes in the whole of India. All the tribes have their own distinct pattern of dressing, language, festivals, traditions and lifestyle.

The diversified culture of Assam is beautifully depicted in the various colorful festivals celebrated here. In spite of such variations, the people here live in peace and harmony which is quite a unique trait.

Assam is home to the most varying and colorful festivals.

Bihu Festival: It is the most important festival of Assam and is grandly celebrated around mid April. The festival marks the arrival of the seeding season. It involves Bihu folk dances and song. Bihu denotes 3 different festivals in Assam

  • Rongali Bihu- is a 7 long day feast and heralds the wish for a new harvest.
  • Kongali Bihu- is observed to mark the cutting and binding of grain.
  • Bhogali Bihu- it means enjoyment and eating. It is the harvesting season and marks its end.
Me Dum Me Phi

Ambubachi Mela: It is the most important festival of the Kamakya temple of Guwahati. It is believed that the presiding deity Goddess Kamakhya goes through her annual cycle of menstruation during this time stretch. During the Mela, the doors of the temple remain closed for 3 days and are reopened on the 4th day. Daily worship and religious performance are also suspended during this time. The doors are opened only when the goddess is bathed and other rites being performed. This is purely a ritual of the Tantric cult.

Me Dum Me Phi: It is the most important Ahom festival. It is celebrated by the Ahom people on 31st January every year. It is an ancestor worship festival. In an attempt to develop contacts and communication, thousands of devotees meet every year at some common point. I this festival it is a must to dress in traditional attire.

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