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The Thar Desert in Rajasthan may not seem like the ideal place to plan your vacation initially, but as an avid traveller, who can deny the charm and enigma of the desert with golden yellow sand all around with marks of history imprinted across it.

Rajasthan is resplendent with its vibrant culture, unconventional means of commute and royal history reflected in the remained architecture. While the historic forts and palaces, cultural fairs and heritage hotels offer you a chance to be a part of the royalty, the camel and wildlife safaris are equally enchanting aspects of tourism in Rajasthan that gives you the most interesting way to connect with the culture, people and all those nuances that make Rajasthan what it is.

Camel Safari

Camel safaris, taking a tour of the city riding on camel are an unconventionalyet popular activity among all tourists. Mostly popular in cities like Bikaner, Jaisalmer and Pushkar, the safari gives you a peek to the rustic lifestyle while experiencing spending time (and in some case, nights) amidst the desert. A camel safari can be as short as an hour long and as long as three-week stint depending upon your choice.

The best time for this is generally during September to March. However, a good level of research beforehand and smart decision while selecting your safari organizer always makes your vacation better. While selecting your package, it is advisable to not go by the ‘cheapest’ option as often this result in diluted quality of services. And cheap quality bedding and food in the middle of the desert is not really something you’d want at any time.

Wildlife Safari

A wildlife safari in Rajasthan, on the other hand, is an invitation to becoming a witness to one of the richest fauna collection in such an ecosystem. From heaps of deserted sand to some of the rockiest mountain range to lush green forests, the state has it all to play host to a wide variety of animals. Being the biggest state in India, the state is home to a number of popular wildlife national parks which include Bharatpur National Park, Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary, Desert National Park and most importantly, Ranthambore National Park.

The state is home to over 500 bird species, most of which are rare and endangered species. While Sariska is known for its herbivorous groups and Bharatpur for its lake and migratory birds; the royal charm of Bengal Tiger in Ranthambore is something not to be missed at any cost. Siberan Crane, a rarest of species, is often found in Bharatpur Sanctuary, much for the delight of bird-watchers.

Few important things to carry with you would include sunscreen, hat, pillow, toilet paper, flashlight, water bottle and a pair of warm clothing in case you’re planning to spend the nights in the desert. Safari is a world away from the world with shining stars, clear as crystal sky and the flavoured smell of food being cooked upon an open fire.

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